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can t believe this....it makes me so emotional looking at these photographs taken in the past two days. our beautiful Malibu looks so sad today. malibu is such a connected, loving community with families that have lived there for 30 years. Many of them growing up together raising children together for so many decades making so many memories... our high school has gone down as well as so many of the homes we all grew up in...pavilions was more than just a grocery store. I can t even imagine how you all are feeling back home having to evacuate...im so sorry that you have to watch this happen right in front of you- Im sure it is the most painful thing in the world. my heart is so broken I am so sorry to every single person that lost their homes, and I hope we can come up with something very soon to help... as you can see- horses and other animals are being brought to beaches because there is no way to get out of Malibu anymore...I added a few places you can evacuate your animals to if anyone that needs help is reading this... I can t imagine having to leave my horses behind..I feel so helpless right now ... thank you to all of the incredible fire fighters in Malibu and from the valley who are working so hard in danger for the community. You are so incredible And we salute you I hope everyone is safe and I am praying for this psychotic fire to just stop!!!!!

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